upcoming SSPX events

Immaculate Conception

Engagements in the SSPX

Graduation at Wilmot School

60 Years of Priesthood

Canadian Martyrs’ Pilgrimage

Confirmations in Canada

Conference: Bishop Fellay at New Seminary Site

Ordinations to the Priesthood and Diaconate 2014

Holy Week Schedule; Toronto Ontario

Redemptorist Parish Mission, Winnipeg, May 1-3

Ladies 5-day retreat: Welwyn, English, May 31 2015

Corpus Christi Mass, procession, BBQ Winnipeg, MN

Pilgrimage to Rome, Turin and Zaitzkofen

Canoe Venture 2015

Pilgrim Virgin Statue Visit

Assumption Festival 15 August 2015

Our Lady of Fatima Pilgrimage, Welwyn

Pilgrim Virgin Statue Visit - Toronto

Consecration of new church in Phoenix, AZ

2015 Angelus Press Conference: The Family

Men's 5-day retreat: Warroad, English, Jan 10 2016

March for Life with the SSPX

Ladies 5-day retreat: Warroad, Eng., Jan 24, 2016

Pro-life Conference: Toronto

Polish Celebration and Conferences

Pilgrimage to the Holy land

Feast of Corpus Christi Traditional Procession

Conference: Devotion to Our Lady who saved Europe

International Congress of the Legion of Mary

Feast of the Transfiguration and Fatima Day

Assumption Festival and blessing of the New Church

Pilgrimage from Fatima to Lourdes

Men's 5-day retreat: Alberta; Oct. 10-15

Ladies 5-day retreat: Quebec, English, Feb 6, 2017

Men's 5-day retreat: Quebec, English, Feb 13, 2017

Celebration of the 100th anniversary of Fatima

Pilgrim Virgin visits Langley, BC

Pilgrim Virgin visits Nanaimo, BC

Boys Canadian Martyrs Camp, ON

Girls Canadian Martyrs Camp, ON

Ladies 5-day retreat: Quebec, English, Aug 14 2017

Mens 5-day retreat: Quebec, English, Aug 21, 2017

Women's 5-day retreat: Alberta; Sept. 4-9, 2017

Men's 5-day retreat: Alberta; Sept. 11-16, 2017

Canadian Martyr's Shrine Pilgrimage

Fr Kowalski Mission in Polish: Langley BC

Fr Kowalski Mission in Polish: Toronto, ON