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SSPX: Brazil Becomes an Autonomous House

March 19, 2017
Fr. Juan-Maria de Montagut Becomes Superior of the Autonomous House of Brazil

Given the development of the apostolate of the Society of Saint Pius X in South America, and because of the linguistic and cultural peculiarities of the largest Catholic country in the world, Brazil has been established as an Autonomous House of the Society as of March 19, 2017.

This decision, made last year by Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the SSPX, along with his Assistants, Frs. Niklaus Pfluger and Alain-Marc Nély, will enter into force on the Third Sunday of Lent, which is also the eve of the Feast of Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church. A solemn Mass will be celebrated for the occasion by the Bursar General, Fr. Pablo Suárez.

Organizing According to the SSPX’s Statutes

In keeping with its Statutes, the Society’s apostolate is organized in several districts or autonomous houses, which are districts in formation. Brazil currently has three priories. Once it acquires autonomy, it will be directed by Fr. Juan-Maria de Montagut, the current prior in Sao Paulo, where four priests are in residence.

The first priory of the Society in Brazil opened in 2001 in Santa Maria, in the province of Rio Grande do Sul. The Priorato Imaculado Coração houses three priests who are in charge of ministering to that region.

Upholding Tradition in Brazil

The SSPX is also developing its apostolate in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Arraial Novo near Bomjesus do Itabapoana, where the Priorato São Sebastião was opened in 2014. Also in the suburbs of Rio, Dom Lourenço Fleichman, a Benedictine monk, directs an important center in Niterói.

For several years, many young men have been entering the Argentine seminary in La Reja, wishing to become traditional Catholic priests. After Vatican Council II, in close collaboration with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer maintained Tradition in the Diocese of Campos.

Source: FSSPX/MG – DICI no. 351 dated March 17, 2017