So much happening in Winnipeg!

April 21, 2015
Source: District of Canada

On March 18-25, A.D. 2015 Rev. Fr. Couture, District Superior of Canada, visited the priests and the faithful of the Society of St. Pius X in Winnipeg. He spent several days with a full agenda.

New Presidium of the Legion of Mary in SSPX Church

On the first day of his visit, Fr. Couture attended the weekly meeting of the newly-formed Legion of Mary Presidium at Our Lady of the Rosary church. At the conclusion of the meeting, Fr. Couture gave an inspiring talk on the amazing graces received thanks to Our Lady through the apostolic work and Christian zeal of the Legion of Mary, in particular in Asia.

Interview on the SSPX: "We Are Roman Catholic"

On Saturday, March 21st Fr. Couture gave one-hour interview for He reviewed the history of the Traditional movement in Canada, and the current work of the SSPX in Canada: the raison d’être of the Society of St. Pius X, the formation of priests, and their faithfulness to Tradition, Magisterium and Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, which the Traditional Latin Mass is the source and heart of the Christian life, and the support to families and Catholics who come to the SSPX.

Riveting Lecture on the Holy Shroud

On Saturday evening, Fr. Couture delivered a magisterial two-hour lecture on the Holy Shroud of Turin with a replica of the Shroud. He discussed in detail all the scientific and rarely seen historical evidence that proves its authenticity.

Beautiful Traditional Latin Mass in Winnipeg

At Sunday Mass, his Lent homily touched on sin and the vital importance of learning the Catholic prayers and the act of contrition. He illustrated this with the story of the 10,000 "Hidden Christians" of Japan who kept the Faith for two centuries after persecution, martyrdom and the expulsion of the clergy. "It was the practice of the daily act of contrition that was greatly instrumental in keeping alive the faith of the Hidden Christians of Japan for over 220 years." Fr. Couture reminded a full church. The Catholic Church is commemorating 150 years of the "discovery" of the "Hidden Christians of Japan" this year.

Memorable Reception with Faithful

After Mass, a reception was held in the Parish Hall. Many families shared delicious homemade food. Fr. Couture gave his blessing to the numerous people present. It was a beautiful celebration to express our support Fr. Couture and the Society of St. Pius X for the good work in Central Canada.

Presentation at Famous Winnipeg Bookstore

On Sunday afternoon, Fr. Couture gave a presentation on the book Marcel Lefebvre: The Biography, written by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais at the iconic McNally Robinson Booksellers.

He covered the fascinating life and most influential work in the Catholic Church of Archbishop Lefebvre's (1905-91), and his crucial legacy to form priests faithful to the Tradition, Doctrine and Magisterium of the Church, with the Traditional Latin Mass at its core.

His special presentation was advertised by means of McNally Robinson Booksellers’ own magazine, and broadcasted by means of e-invitations, leaflets, posters and display of the book of Archbishop Lefebvre, as well as an their own advertisement in the Winnipeg Free Press, the largest local newspaper.

Visit of SSPX Apostolates in Saskatchewan

On top of his visit to Winnipeg, Fr. Couture was also able to visit Our Lady of Fatima Chapel in Welwyn, SK, as well as the SSPX Mass centre in Regina, SK. It gave him an occasion to appreciate the dedication of the traditional faithful to keep the faith and to transmit that wonderful gift to their children.