Ignatian Retreats in St. Cesaire, Quebec!

St. Ignatius of Loyola: A war wound ended his military career in 1521—while St. Ignatius recovered—he read the lives of the saints. He converted and wrote his famous "Spiritual Exercises".

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, (given by Our Lady to St. Ignatius and composed from 1522-1524) are a set of profound meditations, prayers and mental exercises, divided into four thematic 'weeks' of variable length, originally designed to be carried out over a period of 30 days. These Spiritual Exercises were adapted to a 5-day Spiritual Retreat so that people like you could make the sacrifice to follow them and sanctify your life.


These Spiritual Exercises or Ignatian Retreats have been unanimously praised by the Popes and are very transformative if followed well with a pure intention. This is why the Society of St. Pius X invests so much time, talent and energy so as to ensure these retreats are preached by Priests and are readily available to the faithful of Tradition.


May Our Lady inspire you to register for a retreat. Once you've done a retreat well, you will want to do another and invite those you love to follow a retreat as well.

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Should you have serious difficulty using the internet, click "Register Online Today!" for dates and locations.

Once you have the dates you may print and fill out: the Application Form for Retreats (PDF) completely and then mail it, with your cheque for the deposit, to:

Saint Joseph Center - Retreats
1395 rue Notre-Dame
Saint-Césaire, QC
J0L 1T0
T. : (450) 390 1323

Saint Joseph Center, Chapel

What do I need bring?

First of all, a spirit of faith and confidence in God, who can work wonders by His Divine Grace, through the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Don't forget to bring:

  • Rosary
  • Missal
  • Christian Warfare book (we have some available if you do not have one)
  • Notebooks and pens
  • Necessary clothing and medication

You may also bring a copy of the Imitation of Christ and the New Testament. Please do not bring any other reading materials.

Bedsheets and towels are provided for by the retreat house, but please bring personal toiletries.

Dress Code

On retreat, you should wear modest and formal attire befitting a religious house at all times. Dress like you would for Church for you are assisting at a Retreat and doing spiritual exercises in a Religious House.

Clothing which is considered inappropriate includes:

  • T-shirts
  • shorts
  • sports outfits
  • flip-flops or unbefitting footware
  • sweat pants
  • denim jeans
  • short sleeves
  • revealing clothing
  • pants for women
  • short or tight skirts
  • sleeveless attire
  • et cetera

How to get to Saint-Césaire?

Type the address into your phone or gps. (1395 rue Notre-Dame; St-Césaire QC)

St-Cesaire is located an hour south of Montreal.

You may print out a map before leaving.

Once in St-Cesaire; the Retreat House is directly across the Street from the "Jean Coutu" Store.