Fr Kowalski Mission in Polish: Langley BC

November 18 - November 20, 2017
Christ the King Church, Langely, BC

"Cykl nauk rekolekcyjnych zainspirowanych słowami Chrystusa Pana:
«Trwajcie we mnie, a ja w was» (J 15,4)".

18 listopada (sobota): (Sat Nov. 18)

Confessions in Polish 1 PM

2:00 pm : Holy Mass/ Fr. Rusak or Kowalski. (The 1st conference will be
given as a sermon during Mass by ks. Kowalski.)

After Mass: refreshments (in the form of coffee, tea, pastries)

3:30 pm : Second conference in the series "Trwajcie w mnie,  ja w was"  (J 15,4)

4:15 pm Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament/ Confessions  [ks. Rusak could do Benediction perhaps]  Adoration and Holy Mass times could also be switched.

4:45 pm Retreat Third Conference

5:30 am : Dinner

Confessions/Consultations in Polish could be done in the evening.

Fr. Rusak leaves for Mission in Nanaimo in the evening.

19 listopada (niedziela):(Sun Nov. 19)

9 AM Confessions in English / Polish by ks. Kowalsky

10 AM Sung Mass with Sermon in English by ks. Kowalsky

Coffee and refreshments after Mass

Fr. Rusak returns from Nanaimo.

12:30 PM 4th Conference of the Mission

1:15 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament / Confessions

1:45PM 5th Conference  (Adoration continues through Conference by non-Polish people).

2:15PM Adoration Confessions continues.

2:45PM 6th Conference

3:15 PM Adoration/ Confessions

3:45 PM Benediction.

4:00 PM Supper.

Confessions/Consultations on demand after Supper

20 listopada (poniedziałek):(Mon Nov. 20)
General Confessions/Consultations with Father Kowalski on demand during the day.

5:30 PM Polish Confessions

6:00 PM Mass  (Possible sermon on the advisability of following the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Polish/English)


7:15 pm : Extra conference in Polish - "Martin Luther and the
Protestant Revolution"

21 listopada (wtorek):

Consultations/Confessions on special request.