Pilgrimage to Rome, Turin and Zaitzkofen

June 16 - June 28, 2015
Rome, Turin and Zaitzkofen

Join Fr. Daniel Couture in a pilgrimage to St. Peter's tomb, the Holy Shroud of Turin and ordinations in Zaitzkofen, Germany.

The chief purpose of this pilgrimage is threefold: Rome, Turin, Zaitzkofen.

  1. To understand better that the Roman Catholic Church is truly built on the rock of Peter, by visiting the “Scavi”, the excavations underneath St Peter’s basilica in the Vatican which, last 1938-1968, revealed the tomb and the bones of the Prince of the Apostle.
  2. To venerate the great relic of the Passion of our blessed Lord, called the Holy Shroud of Turin, which will be exposed for just about two months this spring until June 24.
  3. To witness a young Canadian man from Ottawa being ordained priest for all eternity in the SSPX seminary of Germany, as well as his younger brother becoming deacon at the same time. Other shrines and points of interest will be visited between these three highlights of the pilgrimage.

PDF with full itinerary, price and conditions