Father Alexandre Lambert celebrated a first mass at Holy Family School

September 18, 2020
Source: District of Canada
Première Messe Abbé Lambert - Lévis - 15 août 2020

Our Lord has reserved a new priest for the altar!

What a marvelous grace was granted to him here!

What supreme delicacy of divine love for mankind!

And it is a beloved child of our parish and our school (Holy Family School of Lévis) who receives the unspeakable honor!

But how are these priestly or religious vocations that we so earnestly call for in these times of growing apostasy born?

It is said that in this mysterious domain it is God who calls, and that every human will must finally always entrust itself to His.

But there is a truth that some have perhaps not yet sufficiently taken note of:

Vocations are often born in early youth, in the secret of the heart, in contact with a religious, a religious with a distinctive soul.

Having recognized this fact, all those involved in education (parents, teachers and friends) understand the importance of fostering a closeness between the youth entrusted to them and those supreme models that are Consecrated Persons.

In such conditions, fortunately for us accessible but so decisive, we can hope that other blessings of choice will be granted to us in the future. New souls will then rejoice in responding to God's love for our salvation!

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First Mass of Father Lambert in Lévis on August 15, 2020