Feast of Christ the King: King by Nature and Conquest

October 27, 2019
Source: District of Canada

In the hymn Vexilla regis, we sing “Regnavit a ligno Deus”: God reigned from the wood, the wood of His cross. On the cross he conquered the devil, sin and eternal death, and this work of redemption is carried on in every Mass.

The victory of Christ the King is brought about by the Mass but it is also a conquest: it extends to all souls, to families, the Catholic school, and also reaches into the professional life, the laws, the politics and the entire life of society. This is the integral work of the Catholic priesthood.

We offer you here some important readings about the doctrine of Christ the King:

Liturgy: Christ the King - All Kings Shall Adore Him, All Nations Shall Serve Him (Dom Gaspar Lefebvre)

Sermon of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre on the Feast of Christ the King

Archbishop Lefebvre: A Life for Christ the King (Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais)

St. Pius X and Christ the King (Fr. Daniel Themann)