Holy Family School in Lévis is getting ready for the new school year...

August 25, 2020
Source: District du Canada
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Holy Family School in Lévis - Summer 2020 work

At Holy Family School, from where one can admire with St. Joseph the God's magnificent Creation, the end of a particularly busy summer of work and renovations now calls for the restart of school activities.

Thus, according to the regular cycle of seasons, the maintenance and rehabilitation of the different areas of the site have become essential.

Luckily for us, but on this condition only, most of the work had to be carried out by volunteers, either staff members, generous parishioners or a few brave students who preferred to offer their help rather than indulge in idleness.

Of course, among all the renovations that were done, we had to prepare for the next tough season! Thanks to all this, the work of salvation that began 30 years ago can continue!

Also, the Society, in its unfailing support, has been sending us since last year new young priests to serve our parish and our school. Their enthusiasm and concerted determination are already greatly appreciated.

Provided, finally, that we continue to benefit from the precious support of our benefactors, we are confident that this new school year 2020-2021 will be so fertile in joy and success that, as in any good new harvest, it will make us forget the previous ones.

Pandemic or not!

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