Schedule of Mass and Announcements for St. Catharines

March 26, 2021
Source: Priory-Toronto
Corpus-Christi - Holy Face of Jesus Church - SSPX - Canada
Holy Face of Jesus Church, Saint Catharines, ON

In order to accommodate our faithful, while complying with the limitation, we will adjust some Mass times and add extra Masses on Sunday as follows:

COVID schedule: Sunday Masses at 8am, 10 am and 12pm. Confessions and communions can be booked with this app, for assistance at Mass use this app or contact Adrian Boom ([email protected])

For Mass, reservations are strictly required to secure a seat. The Mass registration page allows the faithful to book their seat themselves here.

Schedule of Mass in St. Catherines:

Day Feast Time  
Sunday, March 28 Palm Sunday 8am
Low Mass
Low Mass
Low Mass
Thursday, April 1 Maundy Thursday 5pm
Mass and adoration at the Alter of Repose
Friday, April 2 Good Friday 1pm
Stations of the Cross
Liturgical Function
Saturday, April 3 Holy Saturday 9pm Easter Vigil and Mass
Sunday, April 4 Easter Sunday 10am
Low Mass
Low Mass
Saturday, April 10 Easter Sunday 8am Low Mass
Sunday, April 11 Low Sunday 8am
Low Mass
Low Mass
Low Mass
Saturday, April 17 Our Lady on Saturdays 9am Low Mass
Sunday, April 18 2nd Sunday after Easter 8am
Low Mass
Low Mass
Low Mass
Saturday, April 24 St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen 9am Low Mass
Sunday, April 25 3rd Sunday after Easter 8am

Low Mass
Low Mass
Low Mass

Please note the earlier time for the Mass on the 2nd Saturday of the month, in order to give more time for the cleaning of the church.


Mass stipends. The priests have been literally swamped with mass requests in the last few months so please be advised that all Fathers can only accept very few masses, masses that will be said well into fall. Do not put any stipends in collection plates but ask a priest directly.

Confirmations. Until the border opens without the need of quarantine, we cannot hope in the visit of one of our bishops, but we should be ready when that happens so if yourself or your child is in need of the reception of the sacrament of confirmation, please register before Easter and start the preparation so that we can test quickly when the time comes.

Live streamed Masses. Masses are available on the YouTube channel “SSPX Church of the Transfiguration”.

COVID-19 rules. Please do pay attention to follow the provincial or local rules concerning the limitation of the spread of COVID-19 while in our properties. We do not want to have to stop saying the Mass because of carelessness that could have been avoided. Even if our church is not in the grey zone, social gathering outside are limited, so pay attention when outside.

Prayer Crusade. Please bring the sheet of the Rosary Crusade to the church soon after April 1, so that a tally can be transmitted to the District House soon. There is no need to put a name on the sheet.

Adult catechism. You can register for online catechism (YouTube videos) by Fr Boulet. Click here to register.

Fast and abstinence during Lent. Under pain of mortal sin (present legislation):
Fast (one meal a day and two small snacks permitted)and abstinence (no meat or meat juice): Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

The fast obliges those aged between 18 and 59 (inclusively), and abstinence all those above 14. The other Fridays in Lent are like the rest of the year, where abstinence is the norm but can be replaced by another act of penance, prayer or charity.

Under the general obligation to do penance, the traditional norms used in Canada before World War II are most recommended and encouraged; to spurn them without reason could be a venial sin:
Fast: All days of Lent, except Sundays.
Abstinence (starting at 7 years old): Ash Wednesday and every Friday, and also on Ember Wednesday and Saturday. If meat is taken on the other days, it can be only at the
main meal.

Other customs also may be followed, as in the Society seminaries, fast being done only on Fridays in Lent and Ember days because of the studies, but the important point is to do more than the bare minimum.

Those that cannot physically fast(pregnant and nursing mothers, those with diabetes or who have very arduous physical work, etc.) are exempted, but they should consult with a priest to find the appropriate replacement. As even if we cannot fast, we are still seriously obliged to do penance in Lent. (“If you do not do penance, you will all perish”, said Our Lord.)

Easter duties. The Easter duties consist in the worthy reception of Holy Communion once between Ash Wednesday and Trinity Sunday (for Canada). This will include a good confession if it is necessary to be in state of grace for the Communion, and obliges all Catholics who have made their first Communion. If it proves impossible to receive Communion during this period because of distance or other serious similar reason, there is still an obligation to receive Communion as soon as possible. A longer trip than usual to go to Mass (or to receive Communion if Mass is impossible) should be done nevertheless during that time if distance is the only difficulty. That is why the time to fulfill this duty is so long in Canada! The normal time in the Universal Church is from Palm Sunday until Low Sunday.

Bookstore. There is a selection of books for sale in Orillia, but you can also order online at the Toronto bookstore and the priests can bring your order to your mission the next time they come. St. Michael’s Bookstore at You can browse the site, then email the bookstore your order and ask them to give to the priest coming your way.

Remember in your prayers the souls of all the faithful departed but especially those of deceased parishioners and relatives that have passed away in April: Irene Boivin (1997); Fr. Nicholas Gruner (2015); Mary Alice Curtis (infant 2012).

Prayers for the sick. If yourself or anybody in your near family is sick, you can give me a name and I will post it here for 2 months, except if you renew the request.

Eucharistic Crusade intention for the month. In April 2021, the intention given by the General Superior is: To thank Our Blessed Lord and to console Him for our ingratitude.

Holy Face of Jesus Church

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