Schedule of Mass and Announcements for Toronto Area

April 11, 2021
Source: Priory-Toronto
Church of the Transfiguration, Etobicoke, Toronto, ON

Week of Apr 11th - 17th, 2021

For Mass, reservations are strictly required to secure a seat. The App for Mass registration allows the faithful to book their seat themselves here.

Day Feast Time
Sunday, April 11 Low Sunday 8am
Monday, April 12 Ferial 7:15am*
Tuesday, April 13

St. Hermenegild

Wednesday, April 14 St. Justin 7:15am*
Thursday, April 15


Friday, April 16 Ferial 7:15am*
Saturday, April 17 Our Lady on Saturdays 8:00am*
Sunday, April 18 Mass in Etobicoke 8am
  Mass in Markham 5pm

* These masses will be livestreamed on YouTube

  • For Emergency, please call the priory at 416-251-0499
  • For Sunday Mass bookings and other inquiries, please e-mail the priory at: [email protected]


  • Rosary Crusade. April 1st is the last day of the Rosary Crusade to free the Mass. Please submit your tally,

  • Parish Registration.  Toronto parishioners are invited to fill out the Parish Registration form here.

  • Great news!

    The dream of having a bigger church to accommodate our growing community of Toronto may start to become a reality in the near future.  On April 18, Good Shepherd Sunday, we will start to use  the “Cathedral of the Transfiguration” in Markham, for our Sunday evening Mass. This privately-owned church was built in the 1980’s by businessman Stephen Roman, and was intended  to become the cathedral of the Eparchy (Diocese) for Catholic Slovaks of the Byzantine Rite in Canada, thus the name of Cathedral of the Transfiguration.  But after the Slovak bishop pulled out in 2006, the "cathedral" stayed empty for nearly ten years.  It is now being used by the Greek Melkite Catholic Church, which has two services on Sunday morning.  I am happy to let you know that we got permission from the owner to use that church every Sunday for an evening Mass.  With a seating capacity of one thousand, we could accommodate up to 150 persons, given the current 15% restriction order. - Fr. Dominique Boulet

    • Address: 10350 Victoria Square Blvd, Markham, ON L6C 1H9

    • Ushers and Helpers will be needed.  Let us know if you volunteer.

    • Parking on the side of the road which leads to the church.  Public washrooms. 

Church of the Transfiguration

11 Aldgate Avenue
Toronto, ON, M8Y 3L2
T: +1 416 503 8854
or +1 416 251 0499

Cathedral of the Transfiguration

10350 Victoria Square Blvd
Markham, ON L6C 1H9
T: +1 416 503 8854
or +1 416 251 0499

For Mass, reservations are strictly required to secure a seat. The App for Mass registration allows the faithful to book their seat themselves here.