Mass Rocks and the Survival of the Faith in Ireland by Father McMahon

May 07, 2020
Source: District of Canada
Aloysius O’Kelly’s “Mass in Connemara Cabin”
Aloysius O’Kelly’s “Mass in Connemara Cabin”

Dear friends,

The refrain in recent days is that these are unprecedented times, and while in some ways they surely are, it seems an excellent time to revisit the past to see that history has a way of repeating itself. The Lord God had scourged the immoral and tyrannical Egyptians to lead His people out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, and through many years in the desert while feeding them with miraculous manna from above. Our Father will surely protect us in these troubled times.

Today on the feast of Saint Stanislaus, beheaded by the king himself even while offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we bring to your attention the Mass Rocks of Ireland. This was a time when the entrenched Protestant government tried to crush the Faith and drive it forever from that most Catholic country by any and all means; when priests risked not merely liberty, but life and limb to bring faithful Catholics their essential spiritual needs; and when courageous souls risked property, wealth, family, and life itself to be present at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to faithfully receive the sacraments.

Yours in Christ the King,
Father McMahon


Mass Rocks and the Survival of the Faith in Ireland
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