Month of St. Joseph: Let Us Imitate the Example of Mary and Joseph

March 12, 2019

Ever since God, when becoming man, did not wish to come to this world if holy virginity did not draw Him to it; ever since, finding nuptial sanctity beneath Him, He wished to have a virgin Mother, and He did not believe Joseph worthy to care for His life if he did not prepare for this role through continency; ever since, to cleanse our flesh, His blood sanctified a saving water in which it left behind all the waste of its first birth, we must understand that ever since this time, flesh has been changed. It is a flesh re-made and renewed by a most pure water and by the Holy Ghost.

Let us respect our bodies that are the members of Jesus Christ. Let us honor with continency this holy virginity that gave us the Savior, that made His Mother bear fruit, that gave Joseph a share in this blessed fruitfulness and raised him up, if I dare say, to be the father of Jesus Christ Himself.

- Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, First Panegyric of St. Joseph