Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine, Cudworth, SK. May 29, 2021

June 12, 2021
Source: District of Canada
Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine, Cudworth, SK. May 29, 2021

The pilgrimage organized by Ann Fetsch in Saskatoon, brought 30 faithful together to pray and sing along a 16 KM route, from an old country church Our Lady Queen of Peace, to the shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows.

What makes this shrine so special, is that Our Lady is believed to have appeared 5 times to 3 children in 1909 on this site, which considering the time was quite remote.

In time the shrine developed under the Ukranian rite Catholics and many pilgrimages were made there with great throngs of faithful, until in recent times, at least the last decade no more pilgrimages were held and the church that was there began to collapse and was just recently demolished. The stations around the hill and the Calvary at the top of the hill remained. The Fetsch family were very involved in the last few years to repaint and restore these statues.

As a sign of devotion to Our Lady and also as a token of union with the Byzantine church our pilgrimage made its way with a strong wind at our backs, making several stops one of them being at the Ukranian Catholic cemetery where the young boy from the time of the apparition is buried, having died in 1910.

Not many shrines in Canada can make claim to an appearance of Our Lady, so we hope to continue if possible this little pilgrimage.