Schedule of Mass and Announcements for New Hamburg

October 14, 2020
Source: Priory-Toronto
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St. Peter's Church, New Hamburg, ON

For Sunday Mass reservations is strictly required to secure a seat. The App for Mass registration allows the faithful to book their seat themselves here.

Schedule of Mass in New Hamburg:

Day Feast Time

Sunday, October 18th

20th Sunday after Pentecost

7:00 am, 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 5:00 pm.


Parking lots are available behind the New Hamburg Lane Bowling, TD Bank parking lot (Sundays only), and on the public parking lot along Huron Street.

If you are feeling unwell or suspect that you may have coronavirus, please stay at home out of charity.

The church can only hold a maximum of 75 persons. Please do not attend if you have not booked in advance.

Family groups can stay close to each other in church, but please leave six feet of distance between individuals/groups at all times when on church property.

Please note the face-covering by-law in effect. ( Even those persons who are exempt from wearing masks under the by-law are invited to bring/carry a mask while entering and leaving the church to avoid alarming the passers-by.

Also, please note that the second collection this Sunday for the building fund will be for the purpose of purchasing a new organ, as our previous instrument has long been ailing and is now unfit for use.

Many thanks for your support of our wonderful choir and music program!

Important Notice

In compliance with the current COVID-19 restrictions, limitation on attending public Masses are still in effect.  Therefore, to ensure that everyone can attend mass, we are requiring that you register in advance.  Please reserve spots only for yourself and for your family, entering the number of people in your family, and make only one reservation per family (unless you will split up and attend different Masses).

Please note that priority will be given to those who are registered permanently as parishioners, no matter what time they sign up.  Visitors or new parishioners who have not yet registered will be able to reserve Mass spots as “visitors", but they risk losing their reservations if more parishioners sign up.

For this reason, we encourage you to register as parishioners.  This can be done in this site or by contacting below.  Please be sure to register 24 hours prior to the Mass that you are booking to allow ample time for administrative processing.  Once your registration has been duly processed, you will be given a Mass reservation according to what is still available.


St. Peter's Church 

144 Huron Street
New Hamburg, ON, N3A 1J4
T: +1 519 634 4932
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