Vincent Lambert – A Hidden Truth that Contradicts Those in Favor of Euthanasia

December 06, 2018

Vincent Lambert is not dying and can be taken care of in any center specialized in treating patients in a state of altered consciousness. The official report of the experts, covered up by most of the media, reveals a reality that weakens the position of those fighting for euthanasia.

On November 18, 2018, a group of three experts designated by the Administrative Court of Châlons-en-Champagne was supposed to give its verdict on the evolution of Vincent Lambert’s condition. That last expert assessment dated back to 2014.

This step was supposed to lead to a possible termination of the tetraplegic’s elementary life support (nutrition et hydration), which would inevitably result in his death.

The experts once again declared he is in a chronic vegetative state, and the mass media gave this verdict a large echo, but they also declared that Vincent Lambert might not feel any pain and therefore is not in a situation of incurable suffering. 

Based on these conclusions, the same experts maintain that feeding Vincent Lambert is not in itself, from a medical point of view, a form of unreasonable therapeutic obstinacy.

This reality, that the young man’s parents have been defending since April 2013, challenges the entire ongoing process of euthanasia.

The group of specialists has even gone so far as to say that Vincent Lambert can be cared for in a special care center; these centers exist in France, and the young man’s family has been requesting that he be transferred to one since April 2013.

Let’s hope the judges of the Administrative Court of Châlons will respect the conclusions of their experts and decide to transfer Vincent Lambert to an appropriate health care facility.