Have you thought about planned giving?

Planned giving allows you to give to the Society of Saint Pius X without penalizing your heirs.

For those who have a life insurance policy

Have you thought of putting the Society of St. Pius X as the first, second or third beneficiary?

Buying a life insurance policy and giving it to the Society of Saint Pius X can be an invaluable help to Catholic Tradition.

Take a few necessary minutes to add the Society of Saint Pius X to the list of your beneficiaries. This can make all the difference for the survival and even the development of the Catholic Tradition in Canada.

Include the Society of Saint Pius X in your Will

Including the Society of St. Pius X in a Will is also a way of guaranteeing the future of Catholic Tradition in Canada.

If you wish to include the Society in your Will, you are welcome to contact us at: [email protected]

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