Superior General’s letters

Please find here the list of the letters of the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X.


March 1997 - Superior General's Letter #52

March 25, 1997
It has been six years since Archbishop Lefebvre's Death; we commemorate how much he suffered both physically and morally in order to found the Society. The liberals who black label the Society systematically continue destroying the Church by undermining her three-fold unity of faith, liturgy and government. The Society continues to expand.

October 1996 - Superior General's Letter #51

October 27, 1996
The pope’s visit to France this autum caused an uproar among the Freemasons because in celebrating the 1500th anniversary of France’s baptism, a glorious Christian past, before the Revolution, had to be remembered. News stories show how Freemasonry now uses Ecumenism to continue the work of demoliton of our holy religion. With the 80th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima, the SSPX will make a pilgrimage to Fatima to pray for the consecration of Russia, the return of peace to the world and we desire to promote devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

March 1996 - Superior General's Letter #50

March 25, 1996
Five years after Archbishop Lefebvre's death, we review his letter to Cardinal Seper in 1978 wherein he described the reasons for taking the decision to found the SSPX. He warns us principally of liberal errors and especially of the sham truce of liberal ecumenism which destroys the Church's missionary spirit. The Society will avoid the contagion of liberal ecumenism and continue its expansion throughout the world.

October 1995 - Superior General's Letter #49

October 31, 1995
With the 25th anniversary of  the existence of the SSPX, we look back at how Archbishop Lefebvre defended the true spirit of the priesthood which was being lost. Through this priesthood flows the Holy Mass and all the Church’s sanctity. We are blessed to live at a time when two bishops courageously defended the fullness of the priesthood.

March 1995 - Superior General's Letter #48

March 13, 1995
In an age dominated by media we must be vigilant and realize that almost all of this media is used to constantly attack the Church. John Paul II is in the process of creating a religion of man made God by confusing the natural and supernatural orders. This confusion leads to indifferentism at all levels be it in the daily life of the faithful or as regards ecumenism. John Paul II apologizes for Church's past. SSPX projects continue worldwide.

October 1994 - Superior General's Letter #47

October 13, 1994
Society is suffering from an apostasy from God. The world has gone mad - building on the absence of God. Although the Church is alarmed, it comprimises senslessly. Amid this collapse, the Society of St. Pius X continues to grow. As soon as the true Mass is offered in an area, churches are built; Christian families and principles appear. Penance and prayer is needed to avert the terrible events due to come for the great sins of the world.

February 1989 - Superior General's Letter # 36

February 12, 1989
While there have been some defections since the episcopal consecrations last June, the numbers of faithful and seminarians have increased. There is a triple "foreign occupation" of the Church today -  that of the pope himself, by the "Fathers" of today and by the advance of the New Age movement and liberation theology. We must be ready for a long drawn-out struggle.

February 1987 - Superior General's Letter # 32

February 24, 1987
Gospel prophecies concerning the last times are being realized. Religious Liberty secularizes the whole of society and a harmful optimism about the future is encouraged. Christ is God, and God cannot change. True Christian charity means leading those in error to Christ. More seminaries opening and planned. Consecration of the world, Russia and the SSPX to Our Lady.

October 1986 - Superior General's Letter # 31

October 07, 1986
Catholic Tradition can no longer be extinguished. Traditional religious houses are growing with vocations and Major Seminaries are opening in France and Gabon. Next year will see less expansion, but more strengthening. Continue firm in the Faith with a strong inner life. Support Tradition in word and deed by prayer, alms and carrying your crosses.

February 1986 - Superior General's Letter # 30

February 07, 1986
The Extraordinary Synod in November confirmed the errors of Vatican II. Recent events show that we are close to a worldwide religion presided over by the Pope. The pope's actions sadden us, but it is not our position to judge him. The situation is desperate, but we can still make a difference by forming holy priests and all of us leading holy lives.