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The Angelus - March/April 2022: The World Between the Wars

May 11, 2022
It is sadly ironic that this issue of The Angelus is dedicated to the theme of the World Between the Wars when, at the time I write this letter, Ukraine and Russia are the midst of one.

The Angelus - January/February 2022: The Art of Film

February 10, 2022
Although film and television were envisioned as another means to bring human artistry to a wider audience, it did not take long for unscrupulous persons to exploit this forum to spread vice.

The Angelus - November/December 2021: Liturgical Living

December 10, 2021
In this issue we focus on the theme of Liturgical Living. It is easy to think of liturgy as external, something those raised to the priesthood “perform” or “do.”

The Angelus - September/October 2021: Women and the Church

October 10, 2021
The issue’s theme invites you to explore the important role women have played in the Catholic Church from its divine establishment through the present day.

The Angelus - July/August 2021: The Holy Land

September 23, 2021
A Woman’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the 4th-Century My All-Night Vigil in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Historic Sermon of 1982 by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre A Substantial Change in the Liturgy: Fr. Marcello Meditation on St. John’s Gospel Priestly Life, an Inside Look: Fr. Paul Robinson

The Angelus - May/June 2021: Social Doctrine

June 02, 2021
Why would The Angelus want to cover topics such as economics, politics, problems touching on race, the connection of law & liberty, and the differences and problems of both democracy & socialism?  While they are not theological topics in themselves, the Catholic Faith does inform our understanding of these various social issues.

The Angelus - Mar/Apr 2021: Australia and New Zealand

May 18, 2021
"The high contingent of Catholics on the island was composed largely of Irish prisoners of common crimes, but it gradually included educated political prisoners as well as honest men guilty of the 'crime of theft' fueled by starvation."

The Angelus - Jan/Feb 2021: Iconoclasm

January 29, 2021
The veneration of images in the Church has a long and complicated history, the fruit of men’s gradual assimilation of the Christian faith.

The Angelus - Nov/Dec 2020: 50 Years of the SSPX in USA and Canada

December 01, 2020
“I have been able to confirm with great satisfaction the extraordinary development of the groups of faithful Catholics both at the chapels of our priest-friends and in the Society. St. Mary’s College, the school of St. Louis, Missouri, the beautiful chapel and rectory of Phoenix, and, at the last moment, the acquisition of a big church in Kansas City, are reasons to hope for the continuation of the Church in the United States.” —Archbishop Lefebvre (circa 1980)

The Angelus - Sep/Oct 2020: Modernism

October 10, 2020
"Not only was Modernism spreading throughout Europe; the intensity, the density and the sheer quantity of the polemics surrounding the movement gave it all the earmarks of a crisis within the Church herself."  - 100 Years of Modernism