The Angelus - Russia

In Russia, the era of Communist atheism has given way to a privileged relationship between the state and the Orthodox Church. 

Excerpt from the Publisher:

Some people might glorify the Tsar-like regime of Vladimir Putin who, as a true nationalist, moves his Russian pawns for the rebuilding of a strong and unified state with the help of the Russian Orthodox Church. Many have a mystical, and a quasi-mythical view of the Eastern Slavs, of their culture, and their religion. Most people, however, are very much aware of the huge gap which needs to be filled before Russia is ready to evolve into the kingdom of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In this issue, whereas we have no claim to provide you with a complete mosaic of modern Russia, it is our hope to present some religious and cultural insights into this Eastern country, unknown to most of us. At least, many of us are familiar with its key figures—and its prophets in their own ways—like Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn.  

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