What is Islam?

Muslims rightly distrust Catholics who pretend to see only similarities between Islam and the Church. They respect a convinced Catholic who practices his religion, believes in it firmly, and endeavors to make known its truths and its benefits.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, Dakar, March 26, 1961)

Contents of July-Aug 2015 issue

Letter from the Publisher

Theme: What is Islam?

  • What is Islam? James Vogel
  • The Christian East Under Islam; Anonymous
  • On Islam; Hilaire Belloc
  • The Evangelization of Europe’s Muslims; Fr. Patrick Laroche, SSPX
  • Insights into the Quran; Fr. Dominique Bourmaud

Faith and Morals

  • Catholics in the Middle East; Fr. Christopher Danel, SSPX
  • “I respond point by point”; Basilius (SiSiNoNo, 11-30-2014)
  • Relativism Cannot Stop Islam; Robert de Mattei


  • The Light of Faith; Silver City Benedictine Monk
  • How to Speak to Muslims; Joseph Fadelle
  • The Hermit of the Sahara on Muslims; Mme Daniele Masson

Christian Culture

  • La Sainte-Chapelle and the Crusades; Dr. Marie-France Hilgar
  • Let’s Read! Learning to Love Reading; SSPX Sisters
  • The Sacrifices of Motherhood; Michael J. Rayes
  • Missionfields: The Lord’s Vineyard; Fr. Ferrelli, SSPX

Questions and Answers

  • Can a Catholic use Google, Amazon, and similar corporations?
  • May Catholics read the Quran?

News from Tradition

  • Centenary of the Armenian Genocide
  • Cause for Beatification of Helder Camara Begun
  • Archbishop Cordileone Under Attack
  • Nepal Earthquake Miracle
  • Chimpanzees are People Too
  • Persecution of Christians by Muslims Continues

Theological Studies

  • The 1974 Declaration Forty Years Later, by Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize, SSPX

Letters to the Editor

The Last Word, Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX

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