April 2008 - District Superior's Letter

Quebec's 400th anniversary is the 400th anniversary of the Catholic Church in Canada. Holy Family School is hosting a day of commemoration of this important celebration June 24th, the feast of St. John the Baptist.

Dear Faithful,

Quebec's 400th anniversary: 400 years of Catholicism in Canada
This year, the city of Quebec celebrates the 400th anniversary of its foundation, an anniversary which is obviously important for every Canadian but especially for us Catholics, because it’s not just a matter of the celebration of a purely human event, but above all of the implantation of Catholicism in North America, of the very beginning of the Catholic Church in Canada. In fact, on July 7th, 1534, a priest accompanying the explorer Jacques Cartier, celebrated the very first Mass in these lands of the New World. The village of Quebec was founded a few decades after, in 1608, by Samuel de Champlain. It was coming from Quebec that the first missionaries adventured into the immense lands of Canada and offered their lives, even to martyrdom, so that the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ would extend through these new territories and in the hearts of these recently discovered populations.

Francis de Laval
When in 1658, Mgr. François de Laval was named Apostolic Vicar to Canada; he who would later become the first bishop of North America; he was responsible for a territory that covered more than present-day Canada and United States combined. In the course of the following centuries, the missions were extended throughout all the territory and dioceses were founded one after the other.

This is therefore for us the anniversary of the arrival of the Faith in North America. An event of capital importance when one considers that it is the reason for which all men are created: We have been created to know God, to love Him, to serve Him. No one can escape this purpose of creation and all human events have no importance unless seen in this light.

Holy Family School in Levis is organizing, on June 24th, 2008, the feast of Saint John the Baptist, a day of commemoration. We certainly invite all those who are able to join them on this beautiful day, and particularly for the Holy Mass. We thus would give testimony of our gratitude towards these first missionaries, the first martyrs of the New World.

New school in Wilmot
The new school of Wilmot, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, will open its doors this coming September. We now have the permit of renovation for the living quarters of the priests and the sisters and the works should begin shortly. We allow ourselves to make an appeal one time again to your generosity to help us to carry out this project. For any information concerning the opening of the school, do not hesitate to contact “Saint Michael’s Priory”.

In thanking you for your aid and your support, I ask you to be assured of my prayers and to receive by blessing.

Fr. Arnaud Rostand
District Superior of Canada