August 2005 - District Superior's Letter

Canadian professor proposes state control over religious doctrine. The bishop's typical silence is not really a cause for wonder since they have promoted liberalism for forty years. They aren't about to use arguments of faith against the lies of liberalism. We have a responsibility to pray for our bishops who have a great responsibility before God.

Dear Faithful,

Retired professor proposes state control of religious doctrine
In a recent commentary on CBC Radio, a retired professor from the Royal Military College, Bob Ferguson, called for state control over religion, specifically Catholicism.   "Given the inertia of the Catholic Church, perhaps we could encourage reform by changing the environment in which all religions operate… Couldn't we insist that human rights, employment and consumer legislation apply to them as it does other organizations? Then it would be illegal to require a particular marital status as a condition of employment or to exclude women from the priesthood.  This is a good one: “We could also help the general cause of religious freedom by introducing a code of moral practice for religions…"  So to help religious freedom let us regulate religion.  Brilliant!  This is the ridiculousness to which we fall.  "They will never achieve unity so why not try for compatibility? Can't religious leaders agree to adjust doctrine so all religions can operate within the code?"   This is obviously from a man who does not believe in one true faith, in objective truth and objective morality.  But my issue is not with Mr. Ferguson.  I don’t expect much more from him.

Canadian hierarchy's silence and failure to stand up for what is right
The point I want to make is simply this: Mr. Ferguson need not worry about the Catholic hierarchy in this country.  They are not a threat to anyone, except maybe to Catholics who still trust them.  Their inaction is a scandal to all, even non-Catholics who expect Catholic bishops to stand up for what is right.  This is nothing new.  They are continuing an established tradition of non interference in politics.  Where were the Canadian bishops when Trudeau, who was also a “practicing Catholic”, made substantial changes to the Criminal Code and divorce law, liberalizing Canadian regulations on the matters of contraception, divorce, homosexuality, gross indecency and abortion?   

Prime Minister Paul Martin, who rammed Bill C-38 through Parliament is not disciplined, is not even contradicted when he calls himself a “devout Catholic”.  One voice is the exception that of Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary stands out.

As for the other 50 or so Catholic MPs and Senators who voted for this so-called law (it is not a law), only 3 were somewhat disciplined.  I say somewhat because it really amounted to nothing even if the media made such a big deal about it.  According to ‘’of July 25, 2005: “MP Charlie Angus, has been denied communion by his priest with the support of Timmins Bishop Paul Marchand.  London Bishop Ronald Fabbro has publicly announced that MP Joe Comartin is no longer allowed to act in public roles in the Church, neither to give marriage preparation classes (as he did formerly) nor to distribute communion nor to read the Bible at Masses.  MP Tony Martin who expressed publicly his support for homosexual 'marriage' prior to the vote on the legislation was suspended as a reader at Masses.”  Some punishment!

Those who've destroyed our faith can't be expected to defend it
But, what can be expected from churchmen who have destroyed the faith for 40 years?  Their morality has nothing to stand on.  Or rather it stands on the false creed which they have been preaching for the last 30 – 40 years: human rights, human dignity and freedom of conscience.  These are the same arguments used by the liberals to justify their immorality.  They do not mind if the bishops use these arguments. 

One cannot combat liberalism if one is a liberal himself
It is time to stop using these arguments.  You don’t fight fire with fire, you fight fire with water!  But the bishops are not in a position to use arguments of the faith.  They are not about to tell these politicians that they are on the road to hell and leading others there also.  First they are probably, afraid they will be ridiculed for using such medieval arguments. You don’t do that in the 21st century.  It is not politically correct to mix religion and politics.  Secondly, because even if they still believe in hell, they don’t believe anyone goes there, except maybe traditional Catholics.  Most of them believe in universal salvation.  So, if it is not a matter of salvation, the politicians can laugh at them or ignore them and follow their own opinion.

One of Cardinal Ouellet’s arguments when he appeared before the Senate comity was that same-sex marriages threaten religious freedom.  Big deal!   Cardinal Ouellet is also against refusing Holy Communion to pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion politicians because, he says, we are all sinners.  Yes we are all sinners but there is a difference between a sinner who is struggling with his sins, who is trying to get out of them and someone who publicly and scandalously rejects the teaching of the Church and leads others to reject it.  According to the cardinal, those who openly and publicly reject Church teaching, the public sinners, are only to be denied leadership roles.  Yet according to canon 915 of the code of canon law of 1983: “Those…who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”

Reaping what they have sown
But the debate is more profound.  They are reaping what they have sown.  It is a consequence of the revolution introduced by Vatican II.  Before Vatican II, Catholic churchmen knew that the Catholic religion was the only true divinely revealed religion.  Religion was not a matter of opinion, but of objective truth.  Since Vatican II’s acceptance of the best values of two centuries of liberal culture culminating with the ecumenical movement, the only difference between religions is that some have a fuller revelation than others, but they are all good, they are all paths leading to God.  Religion is now a matter of feelings and of opinion.  It is no longer a matter of true or false, of Divine revelation or man made ideas.   It is normal that morality, which is founded on and is a consequence of this revelation and which defines man’s duties to God and his fellow man, should follow the same path.  Morality also is therefore a matter of feelings, of general consensus and no longer a matter of right or wrong.  This explains how Catholic politicians can come up with ridiculous saying like: “I’m personally against it, but I cannot impose my views on others.”  Morality like religion has become a matter of opinion.  The claim that they cannot impose their morality on the people is of course bogus, because it is precisely what they are doing.  Didn’t Prime Ministers Trudeau & Martin impose their views on Parliament and the country despite the opposition of the majority of the people they are supposed to represent?  So much for democracy!  There is no democracy in this country.

We must pray for our bishops
So keep praying for our bishops that they have the courage necessary to do their duty and protect the souls entrusted to them.  They have a terrible responsibility.  They are the watchmen established by God to watch over his vineyard. 

As usual, the monthly Mass for all our friends and benefactors is offered on the last Sunday of the month.  We will carry all your intentions to Fatima, where at the request of Bishop Fellay the Society is making a pilgrimage of reparation for the ecumenical scandals which have taken place in that hallowed shrine.

With continued prayers and my blessing,

Father Jean Violette