February 2005 - District Superior's Letter

Proposed gay marriage legislation is not a question of equal rights but of destroying the family. This legislation would be very damaging to our country since the family is the foundation of a healthy nation. Get involved and do what you can to prevent this catastrophe.

Dear Faithful,

Problem with so-called gay marriage legislation
Radically redefining marriage in Canada by legalizing same sex marriage as the Government proposes to do is not necessary and would be detrimental to our country, especially to our children. 

There is no need for this.  These people are sufficiently protected by the laws of the land, almost more so than those who enter a traditional marriage.  Persons who are simply living together, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual, can make whatever arrangements they want. They can divide up their possessions whatever way they want. They can make their union temporary or permanent.  They can make their own contracts with their own provisions and hold whatever kinds of ceremony they want to celebrate it. 

This proposed legislation is a not a question of equal rights
The real issue is not equal rights. The real issue is something which cannot be legislated:  acceptance.  What the activists are seeking is forced official social approval of their lifestyle. But, as a writer pointed out: this is the antithesis of equal rights.  If you have a right to someone else's approval, then they do not have a right to their own opinions and values. You cannot say that what "consenting adults" do in private is nobody else's business and then turn around and say that others are bound to put their seal of approval on it. The rhetoric of "equal rights" has become the road to special privilege for all sorts of groups, so perhaps it was inevitable that gay activists would take that road as well. It has worked. They have already succeeded in getting far more government money for AIDS than for other diseases that kill far more people. (Thomas Sowell: ‘Gay Marriage Rights Are Nonsensical’posted January 3, 2005 on Human Events On Line.)

Doublespeak used to bring about radical social change
“The time is long overdue to stop word games about equal rights from leading to special privileges -- for anybody -- and gay marriage is as good an issue on which to do so as anything else. Every special interest group has an incentive to take something away from society as a whole. Some will be content just to siphon off a share of the taxpayers' money for themselves. Others, however, want to dismantle a part of the structure of values that make a society viable.” (Thomas Sowell)  What these people want is very clear: change our culture, change our society.

You may think this is far fetched? “But marriage equality will also contribute to the abandonment of toxic religions, liberating society from the prejudice and hatred that has polluted culture for too long.” (Purging toxic religion in Canada, Gay marriage exposes faith-based bigotry, by Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell. This is a virulent attack against Calgary’s Bishop Henry).  Our Judeo-Christian culture, and every culture in the world and throughout history has been founded on the traditional definition of marriage. 

Destroying the family equals destroying the nation
It will be detrimental to our nation.  The strength and stability of a nation depends on the strength and stability of its basic unit: the family.  The best way to destroy a nation is to destroy the family.  Divorce, contraception, abortion have all taken their toll on the family.  Same-sex unions are the next step.  When conjugal fidelity and children are replaced by pleasure seeking as the foundation of marriage it is only a matter of time before everything goes.  What’s next?  Polygamy?  No says the Prime Minister. Responding to Stephen Harper he said: "It is an extreme vision. Polygamy is against the law and will always be against the law."  Need we remind the PM that homosexuality was also illegal until Trudeau came along.  Once you start down this road there is no stopping.

This erosion has already had disastrous effects
“It is not fashionable to say so, but this decline (in marriage) presents a very serious social problem. Single people and people in non-traditional relationships are more likely to be poor, to get sick, and to need help from the government than married people. Cohabiting women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence than married women; single men are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than married men.” (David Frum: ‘A Blow to Canada’s Families’, National Post December 14, 2004)

Why this legislation would be detrimental
It will be detrimental to the freedoms the country guaranties its citizens.  In a nation of minorities," the Prime Minister told CTV on December 27, "you can't allow the majority to basically impose its will on a minority, and so the Charter is crucial to our democracy."  The Prime Minister wants to replace the “tyranny of the majority” by the “tyranny of the minorities”.  For those who care, this will be the end of our democracy.  In a democracy the majority rules according to a consensus.  This vision is the replacement of the rule of our democracy by the rule of special interest groups.  This will do more damage than any separatist threat.  When innumerable groups start dismantling pieces of the structure that they don't like, we can be headed for the kinds of social collapses seen both in history and in other parts of the world in our own times.  By encouraging these special interest groups they entertain division in the country.  This is what you call: “divide and conquer”.  Isn’t this how the Liberals have remained in power? 

It will also be detrimental to our children.  Research studies prove conclusively that the traditional family is the best situation for them.  “When marriage declines, writes David Frum in his excellent article, children lose. Children who grow up with their biological mother and biological father are dramatically -- that is by margins from 50% to 300% -- less likely to break the law, drop out of school, get pregnant in their teens and end up as single parents themselves than children raised by single parents or in stepfamilies. Today, after three decades of anti-family policy, a Canadian child's odds of reaching age 18 in the same home as his or her father and mother are less than 50-50.” Our children are our future and they have the right to be raised in a traditional family with a mother and a father.  This is their origin, a mother and a father.  They do not come from a mother and a mother!  No law will ever change that.  It is the nature of things. The Government should not be endorsing any form of marriage that deprives them of this right.

The decision handed down recently by the Supreme Court on this matter stated only that it was constitutionally possible for the government to change the definition of marriage, but that the government is not required to do so.  So why do they want to do it?  What is their agenda?  Is it really equal rights?  Incidentally, as many writers have pointed out: it is not even clear how many homosexuals actually want the right to marry, even though gay activists are pushing it.

Some bishops speaking out
At last some Canadian bishops are speaking out.  They are as much citizens of this country as the gays and politicians and as such have as much right to have their say no matter what the Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew says.  I guess for him the only constructive dialogue is when everyone says the same thing.  The government must be running scared!  The bishops are our shepherds, they have the duty to defend and lead the flock entrusted to their care. Let them not be afraid of what the world thinks and says.  This is what they will be judged on.  It is better for them to follow Ambrose, Anselm, Thomas a Beckett, John Fisher and countless others than cave in to pressure.  They will be in good company! Let us pray for them.  This is a good reason to make a good Lent.

Get involved; contact your MP
Write your Member of Parliament.  Get your friends and relatives to do the same.  Tell him/her that: as your representative, you want them to vote against the government's upcoming bill to redefine marriage and any efforts to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. Let them know that how they vote on this issue will be a major factor in determining how you vote in the next election. Tell them also that you want them to vote for the enshrining of the traditional definition of marriage in the Canadian Constitution. To obtain telephone, email, fax and address information for MEMBERS of PARLIAMENT see: http://www.lifesite.net/getinvolved/politics/canada/findyourmp.html

With continued prayers and my blessing,
Father Jean Violette