January 2005 - District Superior's Letter

Was the tsunami an act of God? The reasons for why it was an act of God are discussed herein. The law proposing a redefinition of marriage is not something the people should decide for they are not the ones who determine what's right or wrong.

Dear Faithful,

Tsunami from God?
I was going to write to you about the new proposed law concerning the new definition of marriage which the Liberal government of the "devout" Catholic Prime Minister of Canada is planning to introduce in the New Year. But the recent tsunami in Asia invites us to reflect also and is not without connection to the marriage issue.

Reasons why it's from God
The tsunami: first observation obviously is God, trying to speak to us, to warn us as the world slips farther and farther away from Him. This is the consensus of many religious leaders. He cannot let us continue to offend Him without trying to call us back to order. This is what these kinds of disasters are about; they are a punishment and a wake-up call. Secondly, we can see that it happened in countries where Christians are persecuted, notably Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country, where Christians have been persecuted for decades. Thirdly, our Lady told us that nations would be annihilated. Of course, we all think of wars, atomic bombs and the other weapons of mass destruction, which they are still looking for in Iraq. But it is easier than that. God just showed us how easy it is. All He has to do next time is shake a little harder, a few seconds longer; make the waves a few feet higher and voila. Fourthly: I'm not saying we shouldn't help. It is Christian charity. But where are our liberal democrats when it comes to helping the Christians being massacred in Dafur in the Sudan? In their case there is plenty of time for discussions. Fifthly: Thank God our priory, in Negombo, in Sri Lanka was spared, but obviously not all our faithful. On the reverse you will see a plea for help from Father Couture.

Redefinition of Marriage: The people are not nor ever will be the source of morality
Concerning the redefinition of marriage, I agree with Paul Martin that the question should not be put to a referendum. It is not up to the people to decide. It should not even be voted upon by Parliament, because it is not up to Parliament to decide either. It is not up to the people or Parliament to decide what is morally right or wrong. It has already been decided by the same God who allowed the tsunami. This matter is not a matter of equal rights. It is a matter of objective right and wrong, of the nature of things.

Silence of the Canadian Bishops
Where are the Canadian Bishops? Why aren't they thundering from their pulpits? Are they afraid of losing the tax-exempt status? Has it come to this? There are a few exceptions who dare to raise their voice, notably Calgary Bishop Fred Henry who has called on the Prime Minister to stop separating his political life from his personal duty to stand up for serious Catholic moral principles. He has been threatened by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of losing the Church's tax-exempt status and being able to give charitable receipts for contributions. As far as I know he has not retracted.

If they won't do anything, God will
One thing I'm sure of is this: if the Bishops don't want to do anything God will. But if Asia was hit by the tsunami, what will happen to our so-called Christian countries which are aborting their citizens and perverting the natural law expect. According to the CBC there are two megatsunamis just waiting to happen, one on the East coast and one on the West coast. So don't hurry to buy ocean front property, especially if this new law gets through Parliament. For those of you who read French, you can look it up at http://radio-Canada.ca/actualite/decouverte/dossiers/12_tsuna/tsunamis/page_l.html. Follow the links for the English.

Thank you for all the cards, prayers and gifts received during the Christmas season. May you all have a happy and grace filled New Year.

With continues prayers and my blessing,
Father Jean Violette

Message From Father Daniel Couture

Dear Friends,

May His mysterious will be done! The events of the last week in South East Asia call for a lot of reflection and prayer. I will send another longer letter hopefully soon developing these thoughts. For the time being, many have written to us in Singapore to offer monetary help and asking how to do so.

Fr Davide Pagliarani, SSPX, was in Sri Lanka Dec. 25 - Jan. 2 and was able, on Dec. 30, to do a 'trial charity action' giving 20 bags of food (each good for 3 days) to 20 families (of 3-4) in the area near our priory, in Negombo. All went well thanks to personal local contacts. We certainly would like to do much more but the logistic is very delicate. We have already made contact with a local priest, very friendy, who has given us sound advise, and warned us of strategic mistakes in our efforts to distribute any type of aid.

How to help and how to be sure your help will reach the victims:

1) We can receive any ordinary checks (in Euros, USD, AUD, etc), here in Singapore.
Make the check payable to:

with a mention for tsunami victims
Fr. Daniel Couture
112 A Killiney Rd
Singapore 239 551

2) Or you can deposit your donation to one of our two accounts below with the corresponding account name and number, adding also the mention for tsunami victims. In which case, please notify us also here in Singapore (by letter or email) of your donation, to which account, and for how much.

Thank you very much for your charity, and may the New Year be truly an occasion to grow all 12 months in that Divine Charity without which all that we do is worth nothing for eternity.

God bless!

Fr Daniel Couture
District Superior for Asia


In the USA:
Acct. Name: Society of Saint Pius X Asia
Acct. No.31244619
Bank: Bank of America
Opportunity Branch
12816 E. Sprague Ave.,
Spokane WA 99206  Or mail to:
Fraternite St. Pie X
Menzingen (ZG)