October 2001 - District Superior's Letter

The attack on the Twin Towers should be viewed as a punishment from God. Our liberal western nations are guilty of many sins. These sins of our nations need to be atoned for. God is sending us a message namely to do penance or you'll all likewise perish either in this life or the next. God doesn't bless an America or a Canada or an England that turns its back on him.

Dear Faithful,

September 11th
Allow me to give my impressions of the tragic events we witnessed last month. I am writing of course concerning what as been termed "The Attack on America". However horrendous it may be, we must try to see beyond the loss of life, destruction of property and disruption in everyday life to try to understand what Our Lord is trying to tell us, all of us, by the events. For surely He is speaking to all our western nations, warning us.

Tragedy brings out the best in people
These events seem to bring out the best in people. We have all read and heard of countless acts of natural virtue: the great rescue effort, victims helping one another, etc. The newspapers are full of courageous and heroic stories. We have also seen supernatural virtue: the Catholic priest, chaplain of the firefighters who died doing his duty giving extreme unction to the dying. God draws good even out of such terrible and tragic events and if one soul has gone to heaven because of it, he is now thanking God for letting it happen.

They don't hate us because were good
I think there is more to it than the fact that "they hate... a democratically elected government. (...) They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other."1 They don't hate us because we are so good.

A punishment
I cannot however, help but see this as a punishment. I remember one of the first thoughts I had on seeing the disaster; how it has come a few weeks after President Bush announced federal funding for stem cell research. To me there is no coincidence.

Rather than "God bless America", it should be "America repent of your sins"
Despite all the patriotism, which is manifested at these times, our western nations, as nations, are guilty of many sins. I am not speaking about the personal sins of individuals, great as they may be, but about the sins of the nation, sins which cry to heaven for vengeance and which are socially accepted in our "civilized" countries. God bless America, yes, but America leads the world in abortion, divorce, contraception, drug abuse, pornography, gay rights, working on Sundays, all the immoral medical research, the separation of Church and State, etc. Soon there will also be euthanasia; it is already quietly practiced and the media are working to change the way people look at it so that the number of those in favour of it grows daily. So it is just a matter of time before it also becomes legal. And Canada is not far behind.

Reparation must be made for these crimes
Reparation must be made for these crimes, either by prayer and fasting and kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament or in the blood of our fellow citizens. Since nations do not go to heaven or hell they must be punished here below and this almighty God does by calamities and wars.

The errors of Russia will spread
We can understand the feeling of "quiet anger" felt by our American friends. Certainly the US has the capability of bombing Afghanistan off the map, but what would it solve? The cause would still be there. The real culprits are not Muslim "extremists". We bring these things upon ourselves. If we stopped offending almighty God these people would have no power. This is what Our Lady warned us at Fatima: unless men stop offending God and Her request for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart is granted, "RUSSIA will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated." The solution rests not in bombing the h--- out of Afghanistan. It is not a matter of military might. We must stop offending God and do penance otherwise we will all likewise perish. "No, I say to you: but unless you shall do penance, you shall all likewise perish."2 And I do mean all of us. This time America was targeted. Next time it might be France or England or Canada. We here in Canada are no better.

We have produced a culture of death; we must atone
I cannot help but wonder that, if instead of all the rhetoric and sabre rattling, we had heard President Bush, like the king of Nineveh ask God for forgiveness and instead of a day of "ecumenical" prayers he had asked his fellow Americans to pray and fast in atonement, things might be different. God has worked miracles when nations returned to Him. Patriotism must not blind us to the reality. We do have great nations, built at the price of great sacrifices with enormous possibilities for good but it seems our progress is more material than moral. Morally we have produced a culture of death. We do have much to be thankful for, but also much to atone for.

Does God bless those who abuse his blessings?
If at least all Catholics would amongst other things make a good confession, say their daily Rosary, abstain from meat on Friday, refrain from work on Sunday, offer penances such as fasting in reparation, I guarantee our countries would turn around in a hurry and then God would truly bless us. But God will not bless America or any other nation if they keep abusing His blessings. "His mercy is from generation unto generations, to them that fear him."3

We must pray for our "fearless" leaders. They've lost all fear of God! World leaders and the great majority of the world's people, including the so called shepherds who were to guard the sheep, no longer FEAR GOD, or believe in Him. Or they have made a god according to their desires to whom they can turn in time of calamity without changing their ways. Through their liberalism of the past 100 years the Muslims have succeeded in doing what they were unable to do in the 15th & 16th centuries with their armies: invade the West. There are now millions of them in North America and every European country. What will happen when the US starts bombing Afghanistan? Will they all rise up to defend their fellow Muslims? If they do we are in big trouble. This is the fear in the West and why all politicians are saying such nice things about Islam. But Islam is of its very nature very militant.

As for those who believe Islam is a religion of love just look at history and look at every country today where they have the upper hand. To my knowledge, in all of them except one, Christians are being persecuted. Dom Gueranger (1805 - 1875) said: "Russia becoming Catholic would mean an end to Islamism, and the definitive triumph of the Cross upon the Bosphorus, without any danger to Europe; the Christian empire in the East restored with a glory and a power hitherto unknown; Asia evangelized, not by a few poor isolated priests, but with the help of an authority greater than that of Charlemagne; and lastly the Slavonic race brought into unity of faith and aspirations, for its own greater glory. This transformation will be the greatest event of the century that shall see its accomplishment; it will change the face of the world. "4 Did he know something we should know or have forgotten?

Pray for the consecration of Russia
We all know how this will come about. So of course pray for the man who holds the solution: Pope John Paul II. If he has not done the consecration yet it is probably because we do not deserve it because of our lack of prayers and sacrifices. Never forget, this is a religious problem, the fight of the two cities, and a fight for souls. This is not a fight for democracy! The situation is serious. Be faithful to your daily Rosary, do penance, and keep yourselves in the state of grace.

Thank you for your continual support. As usual, the last Mass of the month is offered for all our friends & benefactors both living and deceased. Be assured of our daily prayers.

With my blessing,
Father Jean Violette

1. President George W. Bush's address to the joint meeting of Congress September 20 2001.
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