District Newsletter

The District Newsletter keeps you up to date on the latest news and events around parishes and schools. Read how the District is developing as well as practical and spiritual exhortations from the superior himself.


February 2004 - District Superior's Letter

February 01, 2004
A study entitled "From ecumenism to silent apostasy" has been published. Proceeding from a false understanding of what the Church is, a false ecumenism results. The new evangelisation is not about conversion but dialogue.

December 2003 - District Superior's Letter

December 01, 2003
Father Aulagnier expelled from the SSPX. The reasons for his expulsion are discussed herein. This gives us cause to reflect on the position of the SSPX vis à vis Rome.

June 2003 - District Superior's Letter

June 01, 2003
Fr. Denis Roch has died. Bishop Fellay confirms that rumors that the Society has reached an agreement are false. Changes in the canadian district.

December 2002 - District Superior's Letter

December 01, 2002
The Society celebrates its 25th anniversary. A 5km pilgrimage to Midland went well. Changes in the canadian district are outlined. Current relations with Rome haven't changed. Pope introduces the mysteries of light to the Holy Rosary.

July 2002 - District Superior's Letter

July 01, 2002
25 years of the Society in Canada. Father MacPherson, a canadian priest was recently ordained as well as other priest around the globe. The basic history of the Society in Canada is described herein.

June 2002 - District Superior's Letter

June 01, 2002
The biased and one-sided media relishes publishing sex abuse cases involving catholic clergy. They knowingly omit that this immoral behavior is not exclusive to clergy but is common amongst laypeople. Not only do they smear the good reputation of the overwhelming 98% plus majority of good priests but they alledge that priestly celibacy is the cause of this abuse. This is simply false. Priestly celibacy is a necessary means for priestly holiness. This issue and its real causes are discussed in this letter.

February 2002 - District Superior's Letter

February 01, 2002
The relaxation of the lenten observance was a cause for sorrow for Pope Ben XIV in 1741; what would he say today? The observance of Lent is the badge of Chrisitian warfare where the Christian advances in the spiritual life by means of intellectual and bodily mortification. Pray for the priests of Campos who have accepted a practical agreement with Rome; details are discussed herein.

January 2002 - District Superior's Letter

January 01, 2002
Dear Faithful, Thank-you for Christmas cards and gifts

October 2001 - District Superior's Letter

October 01, 2001
The attack on the Twin Towers should be viewed as a punishment from God. Our liberal western nations are guilty of many sins. These sins of our nations need to be atoned for. God is sending us a message namely to do penance or you'll all likewise perish either in this life or the next. God doesn't bless an America or a Canada or an England that turns its back on him.

August 2001 - District Superior's Letter

August 01, 2001
God has blessed us with the ordination of two canadian priests. Changes in the canadian district. Bishop Fellay's current relations with Rome.