Canadian Martyrs' Camp - Boys

Attawandaron Scout Camp

In the footsteps of the Canadian Martyrs

The 2024 edition of the famous Canadian Martyrs’ Camp is aroud the corner! This year again, it will take place at the iconic Camp Attawandaron for overnight camp, benefitting from the scenic location, access to the cabins, chapel, facilities, canoeing, and proximity to Pinery Park and Lake Huron.

We are looking forward to this incredible occasion to build Catholic memories in the minds of our youth, from the attendance at daily Mass to the story of the Canadian Martyrs, along with games and competitions as teams. Come and meet the Canadian Martyrs!


An incredible adventure

Letter from the chaplain to the campers

Dear Campers,

In a few weeks we will all meet again at our Huronia mission in Attawandaron for our summer adventures.

If long ago the missionaries in their blackrobes came to the forests and lakes of Ontario, it was to open
for us the gates of heaven, to bring heaven to Huronia and our countries.

During these weeks of camp, we want again to bring heaven to Huronia and we will do it firstly by kneeling daily at the foot of the altar. Jesus will come to our souls and make it a little Heaven where He lives. Through all the camp activities, we will with joy carry this love of Jesus everywhere and to everybody. What a joy to be running for heaven!

The little chapel in the woods, the moments of friendship around the table or a nice campfire, all these teams striving for victory, running through the forests, canoeing on Lake Huron and listening to the beauty of our Faith and the Saints who lived from it not but a foretaste of heaven?

It is time for us to become saints! The camp is an unique opportunity to become holier, to be closer to heaven, to love Jesus more! I can’t wait to see you all for new adventures, to help you become saints!

May God bless you all! See you soon in Huronia: there we will be closer to heaven!

Father Michel Rion

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The Girls camp will take place from July 14 to July 20.

Do not hesitate to contact Father Michel Rion, the chaplain, if you have any question.

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