Philosophy of leadership: the divine example

Father Yves le Roux, District Superior of Canada

God is everywhere. He foresees everything and He never forgets or neglects a single one of his creatures. His reign is defined by prudence and wisdom, by strength and stability.

God – amidst an amazing variety of responsibilities, of people to guide, of events to conduct, and of prayers to answer – always maintains an unalterable peace. He is always perfectly composed, seeking the best way to draw souls into his love.

God's plan is always perfect, and so too are the means He uses to achieve this plan. God rewards and punishes with equity, without respect of person. He is patient and merciful, and waits for the most favorable moment before he acts. He strengthens the weak, He consoles the afflicted, He encourages the good, and most impressively, He wins over the wicked by his loving grace. When He punishes, He does so as a father, always seeking the improvement of his precious children.

Imitate the divine model

God is the perfect, supreme example, and the district superior, in all his dealings with men, must humbly strive to imitate the divine model. Despite his many weaknesses, the district superior, like Saint Paul, must become "all things to all men" in order to win them for God.

The district superior’s first priority is to guide and regulate the activities of the priests in his district. Their bodily and especially their spiritual welfare is most dear to him, and he will go to great lengths to make sure they are healthy on both accounts. Collaborating with these priests, the district superior can then best advance the formation and education of all the Christians entrusted to his care.

"Restoring everything in Christ"

All the temporal activities undertaken by the district – buying new properties, distributing Catholic literature, arranging pastoral visits, etc. - have as their only goal the strengthening of the Faith and the defense and restoration of true Christian culture. Whatever may be built, printed, published, or produced should thus reflect the greatness of God, the beauty of his gifts, the purity of his ways, and the unceasing care for his children.

District Superior: Fr. Yves le Roux

Father le Roux was ordained to the priesthood in 1990. He had spent previous time in Canada as director (1996-2003) of Holy Family School in Lévis, QC, and more recently as rector (2003-2023) of Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary, the SSPX's priestly formation centre in the United States. In 2024, Fr. le Roux was appointed as the district superior of Canada where he currently serves as the direct representative of the Superior General.