Nerve Center of the country

District Headquarters, priory for the region of Montreal, and retreat centre are all accommodated in the former convent of the Sisters of the Presentation.

The district house serves as the nerve centre directing all the apostolic initiatives in a specific region. Here reside the district superior and his assistants who carefully monitor the needs of the faithful under their care and provide them with many opportunities to live an authentic Catholic life.

Saint-Joseph Centre

1395 Rue Notre Dame

Saint-Césaire, QC, J0L 1T0


T : +1 450 390 1323

Above all, the district superior and his collaborators support and encourage all the priests and religious of the SSPX in Canada.

The main responsibilities of the district superior are:

  • To put to good use the talents and zeal of his fellow priests and religious
  • To watch over the spiritual and bodily health of those committed to his care
  • To support them in their activities and to help local communities advance the apostolic work of the SSPX
  • To provide prudent guidance in all matters – pastoral, spiritual, and temporal – related to the administration of the district
  • To organizes regular pastoral visits of representatives from the General House, especially bishops who will come and administer the sacrament of confirmation

Decision-making Body

The district house maintains regular and frequent contact with all those working to further the apostolate of the SSPX in Canada. From this unique vantage point, it strives to give the glory to God and the greatest advantage to souls by making sound, well informed decisions. Specifically, the district house:

  • Entrusts priests and other collaborators with their specific tasks
  • Decides when and where to found a new priory or chapel
  • Reviews and approves all petitions for new initiatives within the district

First Point of Contact

The district house is also the first and main point of contact for public institutions. Additionally, all dealings with the ecclesiastical authorities are supervised by the district superior. He alone grants the authorization for press, radio, or television interviews.

Chapel of Saint Joseph Centre


Since 2011, the  district house of the SSPX in Canada has been located in St-Césaire, just east of Montreal. Here the Society purchased a set of buildings which once served as the convent of the Sisters of the Presentation. The complex is now called the Saint Joseph Centre, and this beautiful, historic site offers a wide range of possibilities for future apostolates. Currently, part of the complex is already functioning as a retreat house!