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If you would like 'Convictions' shipped directly to your home address quarterly, you may subscribe for a cost in Canadian dollars of just $34/year (Canada), $41/year (USA) or $52/year (International).

Any amounts paid over and above the annual subscription cost will be considered as a donation for the apostolate of the District House in St. Cesaire where the publication is currently being printed.

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You can subscribe online by clicking HERE.



Please fill out the downloadable form below and return it to the secretary in Saint-Césaire by post (Society of Saint Pius X, 1395 rue Notre-Dame, Saint-Césaire, Québec, J0L 1T0) or by email ([email protected]). Payment can be made by

A) a cheque made out to Society of St. Pius X (noted: “Convictions”) and included in with the subscription form.


B) Sending an e-transfer to [email protected] with the purpose of the transaction clearly noted as "Convictions. You still need to submit the subscription form by email or by mail to confirm the subscription.

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