A Word on Education of Children

If we can hardly send our children to public or pseudo-Catholic schools, what can we do? The choice for Catholics is between real homeschooling and sending their children to a truly Catholic school. Parents who homeschool are brave: their choice does not make things easier for them but adds a lot of work. God will reward them. True homeschooling requires generosity, great sacrifice, discipline and ability on the part of the parents in proportion to what they teach. Home education programmes are helpful in this regard. For some, however, it is simply not possible to attend to the normal needs of a family that may be growing and simultaneously homeschool children of different ages and levels. In both cases, and without being an obligation for those who homeschool sufficiently, and if one is available, a good Catholic school helps the family. As Pope Pius XI teaches, God does not expect parents to be able to do everything on their own; the family is not a perfect Society, it needs help. In a good Catholic school, teachers have the time, ability and patience to do what parents may not have the time or ability to do. The teaching and example of Catholic teachers is a powerful confirmation of what parents are trying to instil. This, along with good example from other children, tends to build true character.

The challenge facing Catholic parents today is immense, but God does not impose a burden that he does not give the graces to bear. They are entitled to graces of state. Those who live up to them and do their duty are true heroes.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Fr. David Sherry,

District Superior.